About us

Our goal at CardFila is to present you with the easiest way to permanently capture, store and track all the business cards you ever receive. We offer you cloud storage that is device-independent and easily accessible anywhere. Whether you are moving houses, changing jobs, networking with hundreds of people at conferences or attending business events, we want to make sure you never lose of misplace a single business contact again. We want to help you organize your contacts with an easy to use virtual business contact book that stores your contacts forever, allows easy searches, and also grows along with you and your business network.
And we’ve done just that.

Best Way to Capture Business Cards and Store then Forever on cardfila.com!

  • Capture business cards using your phone camera and email them to yourself using CardFila
  • Use CardFila mobile applications on your smartphone to capture and save business cards
  • Use the CardFila website to capture and type –in the information using your laptop
  • All scanned business cards are stored and organized on Cardfila.com
  • Store business cards in text not scan by transcribing them yourself, or let CardFila do it for you
  • Never lose a business card again to either time or wear-and-tear. We backup all your contacts for you

Access Anywhere and Search Smart

  • Have access to thousands of business cards wherever you go
  • Access your entire contact database on the go using your phone, notebook or tablet
  • Have all your contacts on your fingertips with easy and smart search options
  • Quickly retrieve any contact you want, no more browsing through hundreds of cards.
  • Directly call, SMS or email from your business contact list.

Grow, Organize and Track Business Contacts Effectively with CardFila!

  • Maintain and grow your business contact holder for life by importing all your contacts from all sources including physical cards, social networks, Gmail, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Outlook and many more
  • Prioritize and Group business contacts as you wish to follow up with them. Send emails and SMS to the whole group via CardFila application
  • Maintain and organize all your contacts in one place with tools to find and merge duplicate entries
  • Export business contacts to current email application
  • Benefit from many more exciting features that we will keep adding in future

We strive continually to improve our product and services. We are on a constant quest to develop the technology, functionality and the user interface to help you effectively grow and organize your business contact database and network. We know that business connections can be lost without proper organization and we can help you convert connections into opportunities, by tracking them smartly.

Want to know more about CardFila? Please email press@cardfila.net.