Why CardFila?

I. You usually lose business cards after ~ 4 years

    - Never lose a Business contact again- CardFila is your forever online business card holder!

    - Go Paper free- Use CardFila on your phone to instantly capture and store all your business cards in the cloud, on the go.

    - Time is Money- You can easily capture 200 cards in less than 10 minutes!

    - You could lose your phone but never your contacts: Cloud storage lets you log-in and access your account with any internet-enabled device.

II. You can’t carry all your paper cards everywhere

    - CardFila stores physical business cards electronically- carry all you cards on you everywhere you go.

    - Use your smart phone to search and retrieve your business contacts instantly in just a few clicks.

III. You are tired of sifting through stacks of business cards to locate the one you need

    - CardFila on your phone can locate the right contact in no time

    - Have all the cards you ever receive always on your fingertips-literally!

    - Smart search allows you to locate contacts by name, title or even industry

VI. Storing and keeping track of physical cards on the move is inconvenient

    - CardFila lets you conveniently manage thousands of business cards

    - You can prioritize and group business contacts for smart contact management

    - Save time and energy by sending group SMS or Emails to all contacts in a group

    - No more multiple entries for the same contact with tools to find and merge duplicates

    - You can export business contacts to current email application

    - Import contacts from Outlook, LinkedIn, as well as, old business cards.

V. You don’t have the time to transcribe all your business cards yourself

    - Just scan the cards using your phone and let CardFila transcribe them for you upon request.

    - All transcribed contact information will be automatically downloaded on your phone by the CardFila mobile application.

    - Process hundreds of business cards within 24 hours.